ray steele
Feb 10, 2012
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February 24

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ray steele


Hi John, I quickly went to the site, I'll have a look and get back to you Regards ray May 20, 2012

    1. Randy Brandt
      Hi Ray,
      Had a busy week enhanced with major flies, still running same hoof plane. It's not like a new one, but the sharpener is giving it continued life.
      I'll keep you posted on my progress. Wondered if you had any luck finding coarser film?
      I will add another pic of the prototype hone in albums. Didn't see an option to inc. a photo with this message.
      Thanks, Randy
    2. brian robertson
      do you have any mixing tips that will screw on to a equilox stubby cartridge?
    3. Alex Hall
      Hi Ray, would you be able to send me an email alex_hall_6@hotmail.co.uk :)
    4. Tejun
      Hey Ray, remember the Vettec tips? I just found a great deal on them if you are interested.
    5. brian robertson
      is it kosher to order here or should I use the phone?
    6. joe bill
      please forward me your email address one more time so I can send you pictures of the torn box.
      joe bill moad
    7. Western Hill Forge
      Hi Ray, I put your check for the P plane in the mail yesterday. I had almost forgotten it. It was great seeing you at the summit. Rick
    8. Clint Burrell
      Ray, There's a free clinic featuring Craig Trnka at Anvil brand Shoe Co. on Feb 8-9. Pre-register by Feb 1 to get fed. If you could post to anouncemences, that would be great. Thank's.,Clint.
    9. Mary Ann
      Nothing lousy about you. Sorry for the pm - I sent it before I read your request.
    10. Western Hill Forge
      Ray, I think it's time to reign Karen F. in.

      1. ray steele
        ray steele

        thanks I think I did, the twh thread is reopened I considering the horseowner thread started by Susan,


        Jun 10, 2012
    11. ray steele
      Hi John, I quickly went to the site, I'll have a look and get back to you Regards ray
    12. smitty88
      Ray have you looked at that site mvtruck.com
      i like some of the set ups
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