About how much does a farrier trailer weigh?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by HorseHrs, Jul 25, 2016.

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    HorseHrs New Member

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    I'm trying to plan ahead for when I replace my current vehicle that is far too small and wimpy to run a full time career out of. I don't want to make the bed of a truck useless by filling it with a cap, so I'm looking towards trailers. I have no idea what kind of weight I'll be looking at to plan towing capacity though.

    I don't hot shoe so I won't be carrying a forge or propane, however I would like a grinder and maybe even a small drill press. Not sure on whether I'll carry an anvil in it, I really like my stall jack so far.

    How much roughly could I expect it to weigh? 1500 pounds? 2000? 2500?
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    ray steele Administrator

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    With what your asking, alot more info ,in my opinion would need to be provided to make a worthwhile suggestion as to the weight,

    single /double axel
    how much shoe,nail,pad, hoof packing etc do you expect to carry ,quality of trailer ie thin tube stock frame or channel /angle construction


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