Other Clogs for navic? Shoeing change question.

Discussion in 'Farrier Advice For Horses With Lameness Issues' started by Jennifer, Jul 8, 2015.

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    have a 10 yr mare who was diagnosed with navicular via radiographs and clinical signs 3 yrs ago. She also has a small amount of sidebone that the vets think is irrelevant (I disagree, but I'm neither dr nor farrier so whatever lol)

    We went through a couple rough patches with her, but in the last year made great progress in improving her comfort level and even reducing her degree of lameness. 3 yrs ago the vet told us we'd have maybe 6 months of wedge shoes/pads making her comfortable... she's defied the odds... or something...

    She is only occasionally lightly used and returning her to any degree of competitive ability is not the point with her. We want her pain free, moving well, that's it.

    Current farrier moved her onto a package of PLR shoes and wedge pads and that's where she improved the most.

    At the time she was diagnosed she was *maybe* a grade 1 lame - we caught it early.

    A month ago she trotted out for a different vet and had he not known she was navic, he wouldn't have spotted it.

    Have been trying our damndest to keep her on a 6-7 week cycle but our current farrier travels from another town and sometimes that's difficult. This last time she went 9 weeks - a series of cancellations (not on our part) and she threw both her fronts. Still was moving out well.

    He came out yesterday and had forgotten her wedges so he put clogs on her. No clue what brand, he said they are similar to EDSS.

    She's not moving well, she's developing mild swelling and some discomfort when palpating DDFT and proximal suspensories.

    Is this normal for a switch like this? Do I ride it out a bit or have the clogs yanked now?

    Thank you!!

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