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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Karen, May 23, 2016.

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    Karen New Member

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    I am owner of a 4yo 17.1h hunt seater (flat only AQHA). Just purchased and he has a negative Palmar angle on one front (causing some ring bone up at ankle, one side) and on rads is 'buckled over' at ankle although this has improved since Nov. '15 with new farrier. He is also close behind and is hitting himself.

    He is being hauled now to a DVM and his farrier, but has only been there once as of today. This farrier is placing a wedge on the Neg. Palmar but was unable to address the hind end today due to time constraints...has to do with cluster on appt booking. Horse will be returning in 4 wks. and in the mean time, he will be wrapped behind to avoid further damage.

    He is currently in aluminum up front and steel behind. Would love to hear suggestions. I also have rads from Mar. '16. He is sound although can come out a little ouchy up front and then works out of it. He is on Adequan, Estrone (kept on it for stifles/growthy). He will be Magna Waved including foot paddle routinely. Injections from this point forward will be Irap. Apparently, had coffin joints injections prior to me owning. I am not sure exactly why, but thinking he may have had inflammation due to Neg. Palmar and was being shown extensively.

    I would love to hear suggestions, opinion etc. This is an expensive show horse and I want to do the best for him.

    Here is link to Mar. '16 rads: https://wf1.antechimagingservices.c...l.html?token=f5ad52cf0adade79dd1b0f510a183fd0

    Thank you!
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    ray steele Administrator

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    Hi Karen,

    To let you know, I will be attempting to move your thread and post to the horseowner section as soon as I can figure out how to do it,

    In the mean time I ll say that I could not open the rads link so that I basically have no comment on your horses condition but am somewhat amazed by the amt. of medicine that is being used on a competeing 4 year old, and further that if the hind end needs attention that it can wait 4 weeks!

    In my opinion, there are no suggestions or thoughts that I could responsibly give with so little information.


    Ray Steele
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    Mike Lawrence Member

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    I don't have any suggestions on this one, but a pre purchase exam would be a good idea on the next expensive show horse. That will give you some insight on what you're dealing with and if you want to spend the time and money.

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