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Discussion in 'Horseshoeing Competitions and Handmade Horseshoes' started by Lori Eick, Nov 18, 2015.

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    Lori Eick New Member

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    I have a horse that is on his second shoeing cycle with me. First time shoeing the horse I put him in 00 standard shoe. She shoe seemed to apply good coverage and fit well (I really wish I would have thought ahead and took pictures) when I went back out to reset the shoes after 6 weeks the horse looked like it was short shod, not quite applying enough coverage to the heels. The horse really didn't grow any heel and did grow a normal amount of toe. With the frame of mind I wanted the horse to have coverage and support at the end of the 6 weeks as well as at the beginning, so I moved him up a shoe size to an 0. I'm still learning and have been out of school for about 3 months now so don't be afraid to pick both jobs apart I really want to improve as much as possible. I'm posting pics of the end of the 6 week cycle as well as what I did this time and would like to know if there was anything I should have done differently. Thank you!

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    Mikel Dawson Active Member

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    Many times it's a challenge to know how a horse's hoof grows, some grow more down, some grow more forward. And how much does it grow in a shoeing period? These are all the things that some from experience. It's all part of learning the horse and the job.
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    smitty88 Well-Known Member

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    Still looks you came up a tad short
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    Jack Evers Active Member

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    Not always possible to shoe to the wide part of the frog, but that should be the goal and you're short.

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