Rick Shepherd-did ya think I didn't see the bandana in your avatar?

Discussion in 'Owner on Owner Chit Chat' started by Karen Fletcher, Jul 24, 2012.

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    30 uses for a bandana (aside from hiding your face)

    1. Signal

    2. Neck Gaiter for cold weather
    3. Tourniquet (But for Snake Bites use a Sawyer Extractor)
    4. Pot Holder
    5. Collecting Wild Edibles
    6. Sun block for neck
    7. Sling (first-aid)
    8. Sling (as in David and Goliath)
    9. Sling (for a staff )
    10. Cordage ( strips or as is)
    11. Washcloth/Towel (Bathe out of a Collapsible Bucket)
    12. Sweatband
    13. Waist pack/pouch
    14. Hobo Pack
    15. Padding a hotspot
    16. Cleaning Patches for Firearm
    17. Bullet Patches for Muzzleloader
    18. Gun Wipe Cloth (with oil)
    19. Toilet Paper
    20. Mark a Trail
    21. Dish Rag
    22. Napkin
    23. Eye patch
    24. Pre-water Filter (like Coffee Filters)
    25. Clean Glasses and other lens
    26. Ear Muffs
    27. Bind a stone and toss a line over a limb
    28. Dust Mask (in Urban Survival)
    29. Wet and wear for Hot Weather
    30. Sneezing

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    Thanks Karen, I didn't realize how clever I was. :D

    I was wearing it because I was robbing a train at the time. ( No, really, I was ). The picture was later used in a national advertising campaign for a feed company.


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