Yasha Pads on Shoes

Discussion in 'Farrier Advice For Horses With Lameness Issues' started by Kay Lynn, Jul 10, 2012.

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    Kay Lynn New Member

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    I just ordered a pair of shoes with Yasha pads. I was just wondering if any one in South Texas has had them put on before? If so who did you use?
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    travis dupree reed Active Member

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    A guy named Jeff holder I think is how ya spell it... He is a yasha she master ...if you can't get him you need to look up Ben sturman...I'm sure butcherd the spelling of Ben last name...I don't have Ben number but he is easy to find..he lives somewhere in AZ but on a quite night in Texas if u listen real close u can track Ben by the snoring he will be doing over in AZ..you may have to fly Ben in...
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    Mr. Perry Active Member

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    Ben Sturman Wanna Be!

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    Travis, you actually spelled the last name correctly, but your insinuation that I snore loudly really hurts my feelings. It's really just a dull roar just above the sound of a jet engine.
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    ray steele Administrator

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    Kay Lynn,

    my apologies for not answering your question earlier, I don't know of anyone who has much experience with the Yasha pads except Ian McKinley, my suggestion to you would be to contact Tenderhoof Specialties, I believe they are the folks who handle them, they can probably give you the name of a farrier who has used them. If you have any difficulty finding a contact # let me know and I'll get it for you.


    Ray Steele

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