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Discussion in 'Farrier Advice For Horses With Lameness Issues' started by Jade, May 25, 2013.

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    My horse has been diagnosed with a hematoma after showing lameness has X-rays and there was a shadow in the hoof both vet and farrier suspect pedal bone fracture but that hasn't showed up the farrier has drilled out the hoof were it was crusting and drawed out the blood how long should the lameness go on for and are hematomas common

    ( the hematoma was near the coronet band but the farrier drilled from the bottom of the hoof to the top)
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    ray steele Administrator

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    as David pointed out pics and x ray are very helpful in trying to give you some info. . I say try ,because not having complete history make anything said one s best opinion, and to say the least, difficult. info,info, info, will produce the best read for you.

    good luck



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