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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by marty, May 4, 2013.

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    gary evans old and slow

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    Anybody else like to give costs for these items vs the cost of a set of shoes in the area where they live?
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    travis dupree reed Active Member

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    Josh is pretty spot ..Gary keep in mind I drive 30 miles to my first everyday.. but my three bedroom home and a little under 5 acres was 100k two years ago and I had to do a little work like paint the kit...but had new bath and tile and heat and cooling pump when I purchased but tthat's pretty close to a new house same size but no land just lot..trim 40.. front shoes 85 to 90.. full shoes 150......gas is 3.30 a gal ..diesel fuel 4.20 a gal.... The Shoeing prices I give are in a metro area they go down on the country side to 85 full set..65 fronts and still 40 on trims ... Full time farrier should do 125 k a year that shoes in the metro... A ford f 250 will run 38k ...
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    david a hall Moderator

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    I live in a 3 bed house!!!! and am very cheap because my customers need the charity.
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    ray tyron Member

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    Beats liveing in a tent shoeing for free ;)
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    chris bunting Well-Known Member

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    or living in a cardboard box and paying them to shoe their horses
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    Clint Burrell Active Member

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    Hammering down clips.........Done it, Don't make it a habbit, never had a problem with it and never nocked a farrier for doing it.

    If horse get sore from it then you trimmed to short or screwed up your fit.

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