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Album created by Tejun, Mar 4, 2013.

Bad LiL Mini


  1. smitty88
    surley you dont need to tie those little fellas up?
  2. Tejun
    hahahahahahahhahahahahah YES!
  3. Tejun
    Now they are all ground broke, there is only one that fights to the death. Half of them are rotten studs and have never been touched, the lady keeps them in large dog kennels. Before anyone freaks out, proportionally, I have seen smaller stalls units for normal horses if you take their size into account. I could fight them each one chasing them in circles for hours or tie them up and let them go in twenty minutes, and then they get up with a better out look on life and arent total pieces of shit anymore. If they even think about acting up I just lay that footrope on the ground at their feet and they just stare at it not moving a muscle.
  4. michael mackie
    michael mackie
    thats hilarious. i would push them against a wall. they can,t go anywhere.

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